Saturday, August 28, 2010


I recently won a Giveaway for Goldbaum's over at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom. My box arrived carrying sugar cones, cake cones, pasta, and a box of rice crackers.
First taste, was the sugar cones. They were light and reminded me of a wafer. Plain, I thought they had a bit of a gf taste,but when topped with Coconut Bliss ice cream, there was nothing gf tasting about them. I gave half the box to a friend, who opened them at work and promptly gobbled 2 down.
Today for lunch I decided to try the pasta. Now, I am a Tinkyada fan through and through so my expectations weren't set too high. However, I was very pleased...Goldbaum's pasta is every bit as good as Tinkyada.

Pasta and Sausage
* goldbaums pasta
* classico pasta sauce
* 1 onion, sauteed
* 1 package Brat Hans sundried tomato chicken sausage

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CDM said...

**UPDATE: this pasta is much much better eaten when first cooked. My leftovers were hard and stuck together :(