Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Katz Gluten Free Giveaway

I was fortunate enough to be one of the test tasters for Katz (gluten free, dairy free, and nut free) Bakery. I have tried some of their products before, and while they were good, they were nothing to rave over. However, they just sent me a box of some new items and my opinion has changed. Katz Gluten free Bakery has some delicious new products on the market. Along with this review is a GIVEAWAY for ALL of their products.
A friend and I sampled their
* Vanilla Rugelach
* Chocolate Rugelech
* Chocolate covered cookies
* Chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes

I am typically a chocolate fan all the way. My favorite among these goodies were the chocolate covered cookies. The cookies had a real light flavor, complimented by the chocolate cover.
The Chocolate cupcakes were a sweet treat for any occasion. The texture was just right, not too heavy, and great flavor. Plus, it had sprinkles and tell me one person who doesn't love a festive, sprinkle covered cupcake.
As far as the Rugelech goes, I was surprisingly won over by the Vanilla (versus the chocolate). The vanilla had a very defined vanilla and sugar flavor that sent this chocolate lover heading back for more. The chocolate rugelech was good, but nothing I'd order again. It had a very mild chocolate flavor. I've never had rugelech before, so I'm not sure what the texture was supposed to be like. These had a harder texture, but it seemed like they were supposed to. Normally, I like a soft, fresh out of the oven style cookie, but these were delicious with a little crunch.

Now for the giveaway.
Go to Katz Bakery and enter to win a package of ALL 30 gluten/dairy/nut free items to spoil yourself this holiday season. Be sure to tell them My Gluten Free Kitchen sent you!

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