Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pamela's Chocolate Cake and Brownie Mix Review

1. Pamela's has the upper hand on the gluten free market. I use her ultimate baking mix in a wide variety of things and have yet to make something that is not delicious. I decided to try her cake mix as well and would give this product a double thumbs up. The cupcakes were, to date, some of the best cupcakes (GF or otherwise) I've ever had. They have more of a dark chocolate taste and produce 12 regular sized cupcakes. No flat tops here.
I added in a cup of chocolate chips (dark and white) but you could use the mix plain or add in your own choice of fixings. In honor of the Gators winning the National Championship, I decorated mine with cream cheese icing colored blue, but had some frostingless cupcakes the following day that were just as delicious.

2. I tried Pamela's brownie mix. They were no where near as good as I expected. In the past year my grading of GF foods has definitely become more strict. I used to eat anything that tasted remotely like the wheat containing food it pretended to be. However, after successful baking days and delicious GF products, I feel a bit like a snob. The brownies were ok, but had a gritty texture and that funky taste that leaves you hating being GF. I have a homemade recipe that tastes excellent like normal brownies. It may be more time involving, but if I'm going to splurge on brownies, I want something I won't regret.

You can order the products through her site, although I recommend using Amazon. They have much better deals on the products.

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Katie said...

Have you ever tried Namaste brownies? They are sooo good. I love Namaste products, they also have a great chocolate cake mix!