Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gluten Free Eating in California

While traveling up and down the West coast from Bis Sur to Sonoma, I was extremely happy to come across two great gluten free finds. The first being Whole Foods. While I have always appreciated Whole Foods for their specialty items, I was very pleased to find a deli in their Monterey, CA location that had not only vegeterian subs, but gluten free bread on which to serve them :)
The 2nd gold mine was one I found online prior to coming out here and has been a major point on excitement for the trip, Mariposa Bakery, in Oakland, CA. This is an exclusively gluten free bakery. I splurged on pizza($12.50) and mocha truffle brownies($2.75) for lunch and got a chocolate chip bagel($1.95) and a lemon poppyseed muffin($2.50) for the following morning. Everything was DELICIOUS!! The prices were about par with 'normal' bakeries and the even if they hadn't been, the joy of being able to buy GF baked goods as delicious as these would be well worth the extra money. These goodies are also available in certain retail stores across the country or can be shipped out of their bakery. Check out their website for more details-->ClIcK HeRe

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