Thursday, March 4, 2010

GF Baby Showers

Baby and I have been spoiled. Very very spoiled. Both my mother and mother in law have thrown us beautiful baby showers in the past few weeks and we have been spoiled with amazing food and tons of baby goodies. Naturally being a food blog, I wanted to brag about all the delicious food that was made for us :) Maybe this will help plan your next gluten free shower.

* Poached Salmon
* Shrimp Cocktail
* Strawberry, Spinach Salad
* Risotto
* chocolate covered strawberries
* coconut macaroons
* gluten free chocolate cupcakes
Chicken salad (chicken, mayo, pecans, grapes, and honey)-so amazing
* Meatballs
* Antipasto skewers (salami, olives, and cheese dressed up in italian dressing)
* Veggie tray
* Fruit tray
* Chocolate fondue with fruit
* 365 brand Brownies (My new favorite box mix) with a cream cheese/fluff/whipped cream frosting
* Chocolate monkey pops

2 car loads full of stuff and 4 pounds heavier, we are happy to report that we are two very spoiled girls. Counting down the days till Baby McKeeby is here and feeling extremely appreciative of all of our friends and family:)

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