Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Backyard Salad


I'm normally not a big salad fan because it seems too boring at times. However, this past weekend, in an effort to use up some veggies I had lying around I threw together a little bit of everything and made the most delicious salad and dressing.
How to make a Salad:
Cut the following ingredients, toss in a bowl, and enjoy!
*Kale *Romaine Lettuce *Carrots
*Jicama *Tomato *Red pepper *Onion
*Sunflower seeds *Pumpkin seeds *Olives (not raw)
I topped this salad with a spoonful of tahini and squeezed 1/2 lime. I've also tried it with the no bean hummus mixed with cilantro and lime. Both are delicious!

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