Friday, October 23, 2009

Betty Crocker Dessert and Snacks


For my birthday, my dad and 12 year old sister lovingly joined forces and made, for the first time ever, a gluten free birthday cake. Luckily for them, Betty Crocker came to the rescue with her simple easy chocolate cake mix. This cake was delicious with its chocolate cream cheese icing and although my brother turned his nose at the idea of a gluten free cake, his plate was clean and there were no complaints. The following days the cake dried out, but luckily for my big family, we devoured all but 2 pieces the 1st day.
I tested out Betty's brownies again last weekend when some friends were in town and I must give mixed reviews. I have made these brownies 2 times and eaten them when they were made by 2 other people. Every single time they taste different. The first time I made them and one other time from a friend, they were moist, rich, and everything you want from a chocolate brownie. The 2nd time I made them and when another friend made them, they were hard and drier that expected. Maybe it was the butter or it cooked faster the 2nd go around. Who knows? For now, I'll stick to my personal brownie recipe, which are always moist, rich, and nothing shy of amazing.

MORE FROM BETTY CROCKER and her magically gluten free ways....
After seeing a favorite childhood snack of mine, Gushers, gone gluten free, I couldn't help but register for the giveaway held by the Gluten Free Gidget. Luckily for me, I WON!! I am generally a very healthy eater with a big appetite for dessert. So, after my excitement wore off from winning, I questioned whether or not I would really want to eat and if I would enjoy the combination of Gushers, Fruit Roll ups, Fruit by the Foot, and Create a bug. I brought the box to school to add to my "I'm pregnant and need frequent snacks" bin and figured what I didn't eat I'd share with my students. I will admit, the gushers are just as yummy as I remember and the create a bug are pretty delightful as well. Because of health reasons they won't go on my daily snacks list, but they are a yummy little treat when you want something sweet to eat. Thank you again Gluten Free Gidget and Betty Crocker!

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Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

Oh yeah, many memories involving Gushers. Why can't they come out with an all-natural version? Haha. I haven't tried the Betty Crocker chocolate cake or brownies. It's interesting to me to get reviews from non-GF eaters; so many say that there is something 'missing', like the 'taste' of wheat. I sometimes question whether I am too far gone to cook for other people because (some, obviously not all!) GF stuff tastes pretty normal to me :)