Saturday, December 19, 2009

Easy Gluten Free Holiday Snacks/Gifts

A student and a couple of friends, both made me some holiday goods and after years of having allergies, this is the first time someone has made me gluten free goodies. Normally, people seem to forget in the rush of the holidays and my husband ends up eating everything or it sadly goes in the trash if he can't finish it.
These gifts were delicious and easy to make! Two of them were made for other co-workers, but they tweaked the recipe so that I would be able to eat them as well. Isn't thoughtfulness the best thing about the holiday season :)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels by Claire bear
Chocolate pretzels are a favorite of mine and something I haven't had in years. It honestly never occurred to me to make my own. These are just as good as any gluten filled combo I've had before and thanks to one of my students I have been munching on a big tray of these all day. YUMMY...She even taped the Gluten free label on the tray so I would know they were safe to eat.

* Chocolate (milk/white/both), melted
Drizzle melted chocolate over pretzels and allow to cool.

Candied Nuts

* nut mix (season with butter, cinnamon, sugar and bake)
* m&ms
Bake nuts, allow to cool, mix with m&ms, and ENJOY! You could also add cranberries, raisins, or any other trail mix friendly item.

Monkey Munch or Muddy Buddy

* chocolate, melted
* peanut butter
* powdered sugar
* butter
* vanilla

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Iris said...

I'm so glad they made you gluten free treats! It's really nice when people think of it...