Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eating Out GF in Jacksonville, FL

I recently went to Mellow Mushroom to test their new gluten free pizza. I was amazed by the selection of gf toppings. I ordered mine with pepperoni, onions, peppers, and black olives. The pizza came in a medium ($12.50) and was a beautiful sight. The flavor was good, although I still prefer my homemade version with Whole Foods pizza crust. My gluten eating husband wasn't so impressed, but then again, he gets to eat Moonriver Pizza and nothing is as good as that. The downside was when the bill came. I knew going in that each topping was an additional $1.65 (kind of steep) but for some reason they charged $3.30 for the peppers and black olives, making my pizza one very expensive dish. They said they had to charge extra for certain things to be gf, but green bell peppers and olives?!?
Overall, the food was good, but for the price not somewhere I would go very often. However, it is nice to add another restaurant to the GF list.

NEW GF Options
* Mellow Mushroom (@ Tinseltown) now has gluten free pizza!! Check your local Mellow Mushroom for availability.
* Jason's Deli (now uses Udi's bread-call for availibility
* European Street- call ahead, but they do carry Cookie Momster's bread for sandwiches

The Usual Suspects
Bonefish- gluten free menu available
Chick-fil-a look online for their gf menu
Chili's- look online for their gf menu
Chipolte- everything but the flour tortilla
Maggiano's- no gf menu, but their chef will come to your table and help you place a safe order-I had such an amazing experience
Outback- gluten free menu available
PF Changs- gluten free menu available
Tommy's Pizza- gluten free pizza

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Stiney said...

Jason's Deli is AMAZING and they're careful and do all the things they're supposed to do to ensure there's no CC. I spoke to European Street in Riverside and they said they cut the bread with the same utensils and on the same board as regular bread. I was shocked and disappointed.