Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chocolate, Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich

After reading some rave reviews from Coco.nut Your Average Girl, I decided to check out Coconut Bliss. I stopped by Whole Foods to see if they carried the brand and not only did they have it, but they had it on sale ($2 off), so naturally I had no choice but to splurge. The gluten free, vegan ice cream is absolutely delicious with a rich dark chocolate taste and the hint of coconut. With only half the carton left in my freezer, I came across some coconut chocolate chip cookies (tastes like coconut macaroons, but flat and soft like a chocolate chip cookie) from Sami's Bakery (Tampa, FL), which I purchased at Grassroots Market (Jacksonville, FL). When I got home, drenched in sweat from the Florida Summer sun, I decided that I deserved a treat and the gluten free Chocolate, Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich was born...
* Sami's Bakery Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies
* Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

* Cut cookie in half
* Scoop ice cream and spread on each half of cookie.
* Smoosh the cookie halves together
* ENJOY or freeze until you're ready to enjoy :)

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