Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gluten Free Bakery in Jacksonville, FL

I always read other blogs and feel a great deal of jealousy when people mention visiting their local gluten free bakery, but no more. I am pleased to announce that today I visited Cookie Momsters, a gluten/casein/nut free bakery located on San Jose Blvd right here in Jacksonville, FL. The bakery is small and only open Wed-Sat from 10-4pm. Most of their business is done through special orders and selling bulk cookie dough to Whole Foods, but on hand they have a variety of frozen baked goods to be purchased.
The prices are high, but I didn't expect anything different, after all we all know how expensive gluten free baking is. The quality and convenience of their products were worth the price. The woman running the store was very nice and allowed me to sample a few things before purchasing. I picked up:
* Chex mix (chex, pretzels, and some puffed cheese thing with a soy free soy sauce)
* Half a loaf of bread (8 normal sized slices) $5 and DELICIOUS! It was considerable more than I like to spend on bread, but after getting home and making a sandwich, I would definitely eat less bread in order to be able to afford having really good bread when I want a great sandwich.
* A 6 pack of cinnamon rolls with a mock cream cheese icing $10
* Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich $2.50 (the cookies were soft and extremely tasty, however I was not a fan of the Tempt-Hemp Ice Cream. I would probably buy their cookie dough and make my own ice cream sandwiches in the future)I look forward to going back in the future to try their other cookies, muffins, and maybe even some of their pre-made entrees.

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